Wintech improves EVA injection moulding and focuses on energy saving

The WE203 B series, among other new technologies available in two versions, implements also the fast toggle opening

Wintech was historically born as leader in the production of EVA moulding machinery. At SIMAC 2021 it presented the new WE203 B series, a cross-linked EVA moulding machine, with a linear configuration and two translating injectors, from 2 to 10 stations. And, for the first time a Wintech machine features the fast opening/closing toggle systems. The WE203 B machine is designed to mould EVA soles, sandals, galoshes and boots. There are two models available, with different sizes of the mould holder, embracing all the needs of footwear manufacturers. “The overhaul of our entire machine line to implement a much more efficient energy saving system – says the company – is another important novelty that deserves to be mentioned”. Finally, for the beginning of next year, the Venetian company will release proprietary software for production management and diagnostics, which will be available on request.

WE203 B