Zünd and its digital cutting vision

Zünd, a Swiss company internationally known for its cutting systems, believes in digitisation and has embarked on a path that involves technology in an increasingly pushed integration process

After all, according to Zünd, digitisation changes production processes, interconnects them and creates added value for companies. It helps to reduce costs and accelerate processes at the same time. The latter become more flexible and produce profitably customised products at reduced costs. By digitising the cut, innovative technologies are used and the foundations for constant growth are laid.

Based on this philosophy, Zünd has implemented some interesting innovations to its ecosystem. The development of its own design software which is not just equipped with a very powerful and reliable 2D or 3D Cad module primarily aimed at model makers, but also with a freehand drawing module that allows designers to digitise their creative ideas, to apply textures and materials (always integrated into the platform), and then easily move to a seamless technical design environment. Moreover, it enabled the off-line digitisation of leather production, so as to clearly distinguish the moment of planning the cut from the cut itself. In a production context that must increasingly be more flexible due to ever more reduced and varied work batches, it is essential that the information on the leather cut is collected in advance by expert personnel dedicated to that crucial operation, and then be recovered when the material must actually be cut.

Both innovations mentioned above, go in the direction of increasingly integrating the production flow: a good digital design of the models, combined with a good analysis of the materials and cutting programme, will only make the actual cutting moment of the material almost a formality, optimising resources, costs and efficiency. This is Zünd’s vision.