Gruppo Meccaniche Luciani focuses more and more on innovative solutions dedicated to the needs of customers

The Marche-based company returned to Simac Tanning Tech with lots of new products, the result of development strategies that it has been implementing for some years now

Since 1969, Gruppo Meccaniche Luciani has been creating innovation in the heart of the Marche shoemaking district. The Group quickly became a trusted partner of national and international companies for the design and production of moulds, socket punches and technical tools for footwear and leather goods, but this did not stop it’s passion for the continuous search of innovative solutions. The use of advanced production facilities and the belief in the strategic value of its staff of experts who are always up to speed on new technological solutions has allowed the Group to respond to customer needs and offer services in-step with the current development trends.

In 2021 Gruppo Meccaniche Luciani returned to Simac Tanning Tech with many new products, resulting from the development strategies implemented by the Marche-based group in recent years. In fact, for some time now GML has been flanking the historical production of particularly complex footwear moulds and other types of moulds with an area that is strongly customer-oriented, dedicated to the research and development of innovative product and production process solutions. Luciani Lab and Evalab are the two branches of Gruppo Meccaniche Luciani: the first focuses on R&D and design, and the second focuses on the development of EVA products, both customer-oriented. These two branches offer a wide range of services, from technical-stylistic consultancy to the creation of ultra-realistic prototypes that can be tested in all their aspects, right up to the production of the finished product.