Volontè System Conveyor: continued success for the distributor that detects every stage of the joining process

A leader in the field of handling production lines for shoe factories, Volontè continues to improve its automatic distributor for in-line joining departments

The advantage of the system, entirely made in Italy, lies in the updated and extended functions aimed at making more and more data available during the operations of each individual workstation. What are its main features? First of all, the monitor displays the complete plan of the distributor on the main page, with all the workstations. A further page displays the complete list of stations, calculating for each one the partial working time, the total time and the number of containers processed for each station. This page leads to another screen where it is possible to set the work estimate with indication of overrun. Finally, each individual station has its own page that summarises all the details of the time and containers processed, so that each phase of the processing is always under control.

In addition to this line, Volontè continues to perfect the mechanical conveyor for footwear assembly equipped with a touchscreen panel, and in line with the requirements of Industry 4.0. The device allows to automatically program the chain translation according to the shoe model to be entered in the working cycle, to the daily quantity of pairs required, the quantity of pairs loaded on the trolley, and according to the programmable daily schedule.

The mechanical conveyor can be equipped with a tunnel for suction, drying, reactivation and cooling of the glue.

“Although not without difficulty, Volontè is ready to take on the challenges of change that lie ahead,” say the Lombardy-based company.