Over Stampi explores also new roads

According to the company based in Cassolnovo, the market has restarted, so that production has to be reorganised in order to fulfill all orders.

Over Stampi s.r.l., a company founded in 1980, has forty years of experience in the manufacturing of moulds for the footwear industry. “Feelings about the market are positive – said the company during SIMAC 2021 -. The market is definitely recovering, and also the Safety field, which suffered a slight setback during the summer, has regained strength”. To counter the crisis following the pandemic, Over Stampi has also explored new development paths, in addition to its traditional core business related to injection onto the upper, thanks to its OVERLAB, the incubator of ideas and solutions that takes advantage of its extensive experience gained throughout the footwear sector. “It is likely that now we should also rethink our production organisation in order to be able to fulfill and meet all customer requests. It is undoubtedly a positive outlook”.