Pajusco Tecnologie, new patented filters for Asterix

The polypropylene drum has a new internal mechanical system that improves its efficiency.

Pajusco Tecnologie turned the spotlight on Asterix, its polypropylene drum now equipped with a new patented internal mechanical system, characterised by new blades with a unique “A” shape that guarantees maximum mechanical efficiency.

“Each blade has its own dedicated function and a new built-in washing system for better bath distribution”, explains the Venetian company.

Asterix is now equipped with the new “Smart Drum System”, a system which controls processing parameters and also the state of health of the machine, defined by the company as “predictive” as it facilitates scheduled maintenance to avoid sudden downtime and consequent production losses. The company is testing it with great satisfaction at various tanneries. At the fair Asterix was equipped with three new patented filters:

  • double function Filterpress, i.e. the filtering process occurs through special brushes and a compactor to press residues;
  • double function filter (Filtrogolosa) through drainage channel, drain collection or bath filtration always in the same channel
  • and, last but not least, the new Hermetic filter suitable for deying processes.