Sabal’s precision and reliability also for the sneaker world

Cutting systems, backpart moulding machines and toe upper forming machines: perfect technologies also for the production of sports shoes that require a high level of reliability.

Also for the sneaker world Sabal – leader in the range of machines for footwear, leather goods (gluing systems), and in recent years for the CNC cutting of materials – offers accurate and reliable solutions.

Among the values demonstrated by Sabal’s cutting systems, there is one peculiarity: relying on an open system philosophy which is not tied to a Sabal proprietary CAD, adding the quality of the cut and, above all, reliability. To date, they have never caused production blocks or major maintenance interventions. 

GP 193 to form the upper’s toe-end
3224/CF, for backpart moulding machines

As for backpart moulding machines mod. 3224/CF is the reccomended one. It allows hot and cold working for any type of upper, and is particularly suited for thermoplastic or thermoadhesive counters. Moulds and pads created from the customer’s designs are easily adjustable and interchangeable while moulds turn over on cold stations to allow for a clear and ample view of the rear section of the upper and stitching. A machine in great demand also for sports shoes which, as an option, provides for the flanging of the edge of the heel with optical projector. 

GP 193, is the option proposed by Sabal to form the upper’s toe-end. This machine incorporates 2 hot stations to reactivate the toe-puff and the upper’s toe-end and 2 cold stations that allow the shaping in accordance with the desired shape. Powerful, accurate and versatile, with digital temperature control, it provides for the creation of equipment based on the customer’s shapes.

Precision and reliability are thus central values for Sabal, as is the attention to the environment exemplified by the Green Label certification (energy consumption) available for each technology.