Fratelli Alberti all 4.0 machines

Even combining machines and splitting machines have been updated, while a new table for skiving machines with super-suction motor appears.

Fratelli Alberti stands as a landmark among manufacturers of machines for the leather industry, while giving new life to a seventy-year-old tradition of excellent Italian craftsmanship. The company is guided by some key values: passion, attention to employees, the environment and energy efficiency, and constant improvement.

Among the recently made main investments, we should mention those intended to redefine the process and modernise the machinery for the production of the well-known bell knives, so as to achieve an important increase in production capacity.

Continuing the innovation process started in 2021, Fratelli Alberti is focusing on 4.0 technology also for the 2022 edition of Simac Tanning Tech.

At the fair the protagonist will be the combining machines of the AP line, which are used to couple different pre-glued materials by means of a hot press. These are the new 4.0 versions of the old COMBI, improved in their structure and efficiency.

Afterwards, also the FAV splitting machines will be subjected to the 4.0 update so as to make the entire product range of Fratelli Alberti updated to the latest generation standards.

A new table for skiving machines with super-suction motor will be the second novelty presented at the fair. The new table allows greater efficiency in the suction phase, the possibility of inserting a filter that definitively solves the problem of waste accumulated during the processing phase, and offers greater safety by having dedicated protective cases for moving mechanical parts.