Leather edge dyeing consuming very little energy with PL Project

The new Blue Planet Line needs only 0,0025 kWh, a solution that is 110 times less energy-intensive than competing machines currently available on the market.

One of the core challenges that companies face today is the adoption of machines and technologies whose power consumption is minimal. Not only to reduce production costs, but also with the goal of preserving the planet and the environment. 

PL Project’s main purpose has thus become the creation of technologies and machines with low power consumption. Thanks to constant research and the use of the most modern technologies, the company’s team has created the Blue Planet Line, a machine line to dye the edges of leather parts, which includes an innovative low-voltage feeding consumption system, very efficient electric motors, beyond using the best possible technology to apply paint. 

A line characterised by extremely low power consumption: only 0.0025 kWh, practically irrelevant in calculating the costs of the production process.

The difference in power consumption between a Blue Planet Line edge dyeing machine and the most competing machines currently available on the market exceeds 110 times.

Around 100 edge dyeing machines are required in a bag manufacturing factory with a staff of 700. The average consumption of a ‘traditional’ machine is 0.3 kW per working hour. We can quickly calculate that the total consumption of 100 machines will be 30 kWh. The same number of machines in the Blue Planet Line would instead consume only 0.25 kWh, or less than a single ‘old generation’ machine. From this we can deduce how low and insignificant the carbon footprint of a Blue Planet Line machine would be. 

The machines of the line are designed for stand-alone operations, so as to allow the manufacturer to organise with total flexibility the part of the production process concerning the dyeing of the edges of the leather parts, purchasing the number of Blue Planet Line machines that best meets his needs.

The line consists of three independent main units. The edge dyeing machine, with both horizontal and vertical heads, which is equipped with a patented system to change the dyeing head that allows the immediate colour replacement of the dye you want to work with. The maintenance station, which prevents the dyeing heads from drying out when they are not running. The cleaning unit, to wash the details if there are imperfections or stains after dyeing. The stained part is passed over the cleaning tape, which can also be used to clean the operator’s hands. The patented operation of the washing module allows it to be cleaned and filled in an extremely simple way and without having to disassemble any parts.

The line includes also other auxiliary modules: USB power modules, batteries with integrated timer for time programming and LED lighting bodies. Using a PowerBank (an external battery) further optimisation of energy costs can be achieved by recharging the battery packs at night when the electricity price is significantly lower.