PL Project has developed a simple, compact and precise modular painting system: PL1000

It is a patented edge dyeing system that saves time featuring extreme precision, ease of use and maintenance.


PL Project has many years of experience during which the company has registered a number of patents for its innovative machines and aggregates. PL project is the creation of 55 years old factory for the production of bags – Prolet Ltd with more than 300 employees. Because of this, PL Project gives the possibility for all machines produced can be tested in real production before being put on sale. The tests are carried out in the production premises of Prolet Ltd. and any deficiencies and further suggestions are reflected in the next version of the machine before it is put into regular production. In this way, the machines produced by PL Project are not only innovative as technology but are also maximally “user friendly” and reliable. Its latest innovations include PL1000, a compact, modular machine with reduced dimensions, studied in every detail for an accurate and precise but at the same time optimised edge dyeing. Wasting time whenever the colour of the deying needs to be changed is a typical problem related to this type of machine. Disassembling and washing the head takes about 20 minutes which, multiplied by all the times in which a colour change has to be made, causes an unacceptable downtime. To overcome this problem, many entrepreneurs are forced to buy more machines of the same type. Furthermore, the edge dyes currently on the market require the piece to be passed between 3 and 4 times to obtain the correct coverage. With further waste of time. With PL1000 these problems are overcome. The ingenious modular and induction system does not require the heads to be mechanically or electrically connected to the base of the machine, thus allowing the colour change operation to be carried out without waiting. Heads that also ensure the application of the fixer and/or colour with a single passage, without sacrificing the perfect coverage and convexity of the edge. The 8 degrees of adjustment available on each head increase the dye layer released on the edge of the leather by exactly 70 microns. This extremely precise release allows perfect repeatability of the application on different machines, even if they are located in different production sites. The modularity of the system allows you to have 3 machines in one, if desired. The heads can in fact be positioned both vertically and horizontally, and the washing machine module can also be added to the basic machine, which allows you to immediately clean and remove any colour fringing. A performing module, which is also very easy to maintain, made of a sturdy material that does not retain paints. A low maintenance module just like the entire machine: at the end of the day only 8 pieces need to be cleaned. Parts can be removed without the need for special tools and simply washed with some detergent. An operation that altogether takes only 5 minutes. Also the ergonomic aspect is taken care of. As a matter of fact, the machine allows you to adjust electronically the height the dyeing arm, as well as being able to be combined with a work table which is also adjustable and adaptable to the needs of the operator. A modularity, therefore, that optimises space and speed up times, giving flexibility without sacrificing precision. And that allows the entrepreneur to purchase only the modules he is interested in, reserving the right to expand the functionality of the PL1000 also at a later time. A machine, among other things, that never stops evolving. In fact, PL Project is already studying the possibility of developing a module capable of recovering the water used for washing the pieces, so as to reuse them for about 3 weeks. There is also an ongoing study of a robotic arm that can carry out the dyeing operations autonomously.