VBO 360° EVO DELTA by CO.ME.TA., the perfect machine to sew trunk bags

A 360 rotating arm machine with triple transport, conceived with innovative techniques

Equipped with the M-TYPE DELTA head and an anti-crushing safety system, it guarantees the most modern control technology for precise and repeatable sewing processes. The machine was created to facilitate the creation of a particular bag model: the tubular one. In particular, those tubular constructions in which the two sides of the bag are not sewn on the head, but on the side. Since after applying the first side, the bag would be closed, applying the other side with a traditional machine is not feasible. This is where the VBO 360° EVO DELTA comes into play, which manages to follow the stitching all-around without ever interrupting it. A great advantage especially when dealing with models made with more rigid materials or reinforcements, which do not allow any handling, otherwise the piece would be ruined and creased. At the moment the machine supports models that can be inserted in the 300 mm field, but a future development is already being studied which could also cover other types, up to 500 mm.