Sabal cutting tables are becoming increasingly popular

Sabal continues in the research and development of cutting tables. “We are expanding the range of machinery and equipment that customers consider accurate and very reliable”.

Sabal S.p.A., founded in 1977, is a leading company offering a wide range of heel nailing machines, heel fixing machines and ironing machines, but it also produces machines for fixing, finishing and coupling heel and seat, quarter shaping machines, flattening machines, heel screwing machines, back-part moulding machines, cambering machines and coupling machines, machines for leather goods (glueing systems). Why this strategy? Because cutting tables are giving the company important satisfactions: “Our products for cutting materials are highly appreciated – states Sabina Bagini, Managing Director of Sabal. Therefore, despite not having abandoned our more traditional product lines, for which we have already reached a very high innovation and reliability level, we proceed in the direction of offering ever more solutions to our customers in the world of cutting tables”.

Among the values recognised to Sabal cutting systems, a peculiarity: relying on an open system philosophy, not tied to a Sabal proprietary CAD. The machines, in fact, adapt to the single CAD that each customer already has.

To this is added the quality of the cut, obviously a much appreciated element and, above all, the reliability of Sabal cutting systems which practically, to date, have never caused production standstills or significant maintenance interventions. “Our goal is to never stop the customers’ production site. We therefore decided to build our cutting machines following the criterion for absolute reliability. We turned to partners who were able to supply standard modules that are available in all areas of the world. The aim is to allow customers to find any necessary spare parts easily, quickly and directly in their country.

Quality and reliability are the mantra that guides the evolution of Sabal’s cutting tables, without forgetting innovation: in fact, other innovations are on the horizon.