Mosconi improves its hydraulic fleshing machine

All the novelties of the latest model of SM XII and its possible applications

Fleshing, fresh either lime, is one of the fundamental processes to have a high quality finished leather. Mosconi spa with its new updated and improvment, is able to offer, SM XII, a machine that ensures perfect fleshing without damaging the hide. The SM XII, like all Mosconi machines, is an extremely solid machine thanks to the heat-treated monobloc frame, the large diameter cylinders and a choice of top quality materials and components. For the fresh hides the machine can be completed with the new demanuring unit so in a single step the skin is flesh and at the same time is cleaned on the hair side.

Thanks to the characteristics of these machines,  as explained by Mosconi’s experts, has been possible to create a Back to Back fleshing line (consisting of two machines and a joining belt) which allows the second machine to be fed automatically without operators. This system allows a great productivity (very similar if not superior to a continuous fleshing machine) while maintaining the strength of a deep but gentle fleshing that avoid any damages on leather. In addition, and very important, if one of the two machines should be stopped for some problem or maintenance, production can be continued with the other machine working in the traditional way. Clearly, this is a big advantage over continuous fleshing machines.