Fratelli Alberti: ‘Made in Italy’ quality, innovation, and personalisation

Now in its third generation, the company offers its clientele the expertise needed to help them achieve perfection in skiving, splitting, and combining processes, proposing itself not just as a simple machine maker, but also as an innovative and reliable partner.

A point of reference among machine makers for the leather industry for over 75 years, Fratelli Alberti Srl recently began a process of renewal, which in any case remains firmly rooted in the company’s traditions and founding values. This concept is also conveyed by the products that are an expression of the Industry 4.0, which were presented in a preview not only at Simac Tanning Tech 2021, but which have also been developed for this year’s edition. The main protagonist will be the AV2 NET electronic skiving machine: extremely intuitive and completely suitable for use with interconnections in 4.0 facilities, the new AV2 NET improves upon the already extraordinary qualities of the previous model with the possibility of exporting data and memorising the work programs (the reading of which occurs also through barcode scanners), with the optimisation of electrical consumption, improved speed of execution, as well as the use of diagnostic maintenance.

4.0 is also the range of FLAT combining machines, completely renewed in their structure and now equipped with a control panel. At Simac 2022, the AP6 and AP8 models will be presented alongside duplex (with double heating plate) and AIR (with special air pillow for different thicknesses) machines. Another great novelty is the ATERMO cooling system, which revolutionises in a green scope the traditional method of drop or spray lubrication used on machines for toe-puffs and counters. It’s a system capable of arriving at temperatures as low as -20°C, thereby preventing the glue used on thermoplastic materials from dirtying the blade and components of the machine, while reducing the need for continuous maintenance and helping avoid discards and material waste. Finally, the FAV 430 and FAV 520 line of splitting machines has been updated, in keeping with the implementation of Industry 4.0 technology by Fratelli Alberti.