The “Blue Planet Line” series

PL Project continues with the development of “game change” machines for the dyeing of trim in the sector of leather goods, presenting at Simac 2022 the new low energy consumption series.

The constant rise in the cost of energy places electrical energy consumption in a pivotal place of importance for every manufacturer, including those in the sector of leather goods. To fully reply to the needs of the market and reduce the impact of electricity on the final cost of the product, PL Project has made an important investment in the development of low energy consumption machines and units, including the new “Blue Planet Line” series. This series of machines for dyeing leather trim is characterised by an extremely low consumption of electrical energy, while offering an extremely compact solution that manages to include all the advantages of PL Project’s other machines in it.

Compared to other painting systems currently available on the market, which consume no less than 300W, the painting system of the “Blue Planet Line” consumes up to 2.5W in electricity, which is around 120 times less than what other machines consume, resulting in a true savings in terms of costs, while also reducing the carbon footprint.