Galli – Overmec evolves its vision system for automatic gluing

The Vision XL is based on feedback from customers and their needs. It is an evolved system that takes care of the efficiency, the perfection of processing, and health of operators

Starting from the end of 2020, Overmec®, a company specialised in the production of gluing machines, becomes an official brand and an integral part of Galli S.p.a.®. This acquisition not only completes the product portfolio offered, but also further enhances the technological expertise, allowing new hi-tech solutions to be developed. The latest evolution is the Vision XL, a vision system for automatic gluing. Derived from a technological precedent already on the market, this model has been improved with the addition of many expedient measures, first and foremost, the increased working area (1000×800 mm). A machine with optical vision that automatically detects the shape of the pieces, traces the gluing path with a CAD system, then acquires the piece and draws the gluing path, either automatically or manually. Once the machine has been prepared, all that remains is to start it up and allow it to work autonomously, even on different shapes positioned on the worktable at the same time. The machine recognises them and applies the perfect glue for each piece.

The Vision XL’s filtration system has also been improved thanks to the introduction of cartridge filters, with a much larger suction surface, and brushless motors that increase the volume of air handled by the machine, while ensuring reduced noise levels compared to standard suction systems. Another fundamental feature capable of transforming the performance of the machine is the introduction of some optional extras, such as electronic scales to monitor the amount of glue inside the tanks (the operator is facilitated in controlling the machine and is warned in time when it is time to replace the glue). Or the flow sensors that monitor the amount of glue dispensed onto the workpiece. An increasingly critical need that allows a high standard of precision in the production of high-end products and the ability to measure with certainty the amount of glue used. The machine is also equipped with a double gun to allow both precision gluing of perimeters as well as small full gluing, and with an automatic nozzle cleaning system. This feature makes it very versatile and flexible with respect to the various job changes that more and more productions have to manage. Finally, Galli Overmec focuses strongly on technologies linked to Industry 4.0, so much so that it has developed proprietary software that will act as a hub for all the various machines, to control them remotely and provide assistance, including predictive assistance.