Puma, the fastest shaving machine in the world by Özdersan

The latest news from the Turkish company Özdersan is called “Puma 1800” and presents itself as “the fastest wet shaving machine in the world”.

Murat Özbek

An enhanced model compared to its predecessor that joins the wide range of this company, well known on the international market thanks to the offer of presses, wet blue sammying, roller coating, splitting, setting out, ironing and buffing machines and so on. Large plants for cowhides, but also smaller machines for processing sheep and goats, including double face rams. All produced in a large factory of seven thousand square metres located in Izmir, the heart of an important tanning district. “The new Puma is ideal for processing split hides and stands out for the blades that look all in the same direction, a feature that preserves the leather quality”, explains Murat Özbek, representative of the third generation of the family that founded the company in the Eighties. Puma is equipped with a touch screen panel with a simplified user interface and has all the requirements of Industry 4.0 which allows remote assistance.

“We are working at full speed thanks to both domestic and foreign demand, in particular from Russia, China, the United States, Poland and France – says the young manager -. We have also been present in Italy for years, where we are currently looking for new business partners to replace our historic representative who retired”.

How do you see future prospects? “We are very optimistic. In Turkey, the tanning industry is experiencing a moment of great expansion. About two hundred new production units are under construction in our area, all equipped with last generation machinery and related purification plants. The future of the Turkish tanning sector looks very promising”. What is your strength as a technology provider? “Thanks to a long experience we are able to carry out turnkey projects: from the design to the perfectly functioning factory”, concludes Murat Özbek.