Syrio measures the sustainability of the tanning process

An automatic system that measures and monitors the environmental parametres of the tanning process to assess its eco-sustainability in real time.

It is proposed by Techa, the operating arm of the Tuscan group Archa, which launched the brand new Syrio at Lineapelle last September: a tool to know and monitor the impact of leather processing meeting the requirements of Industry 4.0.

“There is a lot of talk about sustainability but it is still not clear how this is measured outside the classic LCA studies – explains Fabrizia Turchi, Archa’s CEO – We wanted to fill this gap by developing a complete protocol both for the product and the process”.

Syrio comprises a Patent Pending sensor system that monitors the environmental impact of the tannery. In particular Syrio consists of two complementary sensor systems: Syrio-W for monitoring the wastewater quality and Syrio-A for emissions and air quality in the workplace, which can be interfaced in a special management software capable of managing all samples and the results obtained returning graphs and trends over time of quality control parameters. The tannery is thus able to monitor its environmental impact in a quick, accurate and constant way.

“Our job consists in giving scientific answers to those requests that sometimes start as marketing demands, maybe made by brands. This system – explains Turchi – allows you to check at any time the impact degree of the process: it is useful both internally within the company (any critical phases can be improved and errors corrected in real time and not at the end of production) as a guarantee for the final customer”.

Let us finally recall that Techa has also recently launched the Biodegradable Leather Certification. There are two types of trademarks that can be granted: the Green Label which certifies the leather biodegradability in industrial composting plants, the Blue Label which certifies the biodegradability in waste water destined for purification plants.