Intercom develops compact and ductile glue application systems and improves the efficiency of its suction motors

Three important innovations for Intercom, the Tuscan company that is a reference point for innovative products and machinery for bonding leather goods, footwear and leather products.

At SIMAC 2021, Intercom presented three important new products that highlight the company’s focus on the health and safety of operators, as well as the operational flexibility of its systems. The I047, a small, compact and portable machine that can be easily placed on any worktable. Perfect for processing leather goods that would still require the use of mastic and brush. A system designed to extend the benefits of using water-based glues during all assembly phases, where a high degree of precision is required. The compactness and ergonomics of the gun handle, together with precision of the jet allow for quick and easy use of the applicator. The I1288 and I1398 vacuum benches feature a new intelligent motor equipped with sensors that automatically command the motor to increase its rotation as the surface of the suction filter becomes dirty. This allows it to maintain a constant flow rate over time and preserve the operator’s health. A warning light tells the operator when to change the filter.

Finally, the plastic applicator has been a great success. It operates in conjunction with refillable tubes, allowing the bench work to be carried out both in non-industrial situations and in conditions where it is not possible to use the gun for ergonomic reasons. The excellent response from the market is largely attributable to the high degree of precision they ensure (from 3 to 6 mm). A simple concept, but one whose patented nozzle allows the glue to be applied evenly and in an appropriate quantity to facilitate drying and significantly reduce processing times.