Stampatreddi, customised solutions for prototyping in the footwear sector

The evolutions of 3D printing allow today to create innovative solutions in the field of prototyping, but also to improve the health and comfort of the foot. Flexilis Shoes XL or the Flexair system could be the right tools to do this.

In 1986 the idea of ​​a visionary American engineer revolutionised production and creation systems through innovative techniques. Stereolithography, patented by Charles W. Hull, allowed the creation of three-dimensional objects through a process of superimposing materials that allowed the fabrication of objects from computerised 3D models. Over the years, the ways of 3D printing have evolved, making the new printers faster and cheaper than the first model. Today Stampatreddi is committed to ensuring that pioneers and experts in the sector can make their ideas concrete using innovative and easy-to-manage technologies. For the past 10 years, Stampatreddi has been involved in research and design in the technology field, specifically in 3D printing. Years of experience in the electronic and mechanical fields have led to the creation of two 3D printers (Flexilis and FlexMed), entirely designed and produced in Italy and characterised by versatility and precision.

For the footwear sector, Stampatreddi has designed dedicated machines, such as Flexilis Shoes XL, which promises to revolutionise footwear prototyping. It comes with a black Carbon look body, weighing 25Kg for a size of 650 x 400 x 700mm. Equipped with an aluminum frame, a steel sheet Carter, a ceramic glass printing surface (for a printing area of ​​450 x 300 x 300mm), a heated surface (which works at 230Volt/600W), two Extruders for a maximum print speed of 200mm/s and a 0.09-0.30mm print resolution. Suitable to work with 2.85 mm or 1.75 mm thick filaments, the printer is equipped with an integrated touch screen LCD monitor with a size of 2.8 inches, and can be connected to the internet with the possibility of directly printing from SD or USB. Perfect for prototyping insoles, orthotics, up to very realistic and material sketches of footwear.

Equally interesting is the patented Flexair system for the breathability of the shoe. The problem of a shoe’s lack of breathability, which is sometimes underestimated, can worsen or make any movement experience uncomfortable. Wrongly attributed to the upper or sole, the epicentre of the breathability problem lies instead in the absence of a precise mechanism, intrinsic to the shoe structure, capable of decreasing the temperature and humidity inside the shoe. With the Flexair solution, Stampatreddi has achieved the creation of a breathable insole, thanks to the overlapping of two layers of plastic material, characterised by the presence of numerous holes along the entire profile of the structure, which allow continuous ventilation inside the shoe. The use of materials such as Pe (polyethylene), Eva (ethylene-vinyl acetate copolymer) and TPR (thermoplastic rubber), has allowed the creation of a shockproof, hydroscopic and breathable shoe cushion, unique of its kind. A solution that also opens the way to other possible applications. In fact, by replicating the structure obtained with the breathable insole project, Stampatreddi is able to produce other material (in the orthopedic and non-orthopedic fields) to ensure an excellent and comfortable movement experience. Our company is already working on the creation of braces (for lower and upper limbs) that can be customised according to different needs.