Full control of consumption with Erretre technologies

The Veneto-based company has perfected a tool that accurately records all processing data providing the Carbon Footprint value of each batch of leather

Keeping an eye on consumption at the various processing stages is an increasingly pressing need for tanneries considering the sharp rise in energy costs. Help in this direction comes from Erretre, which, together with the Fratelli Carlessi brand, has for years represented a first-rate benchmark in technologies for milling, drying and finishing leathers. 

Recently, the Veneto-based company has perfected a tool that can provide customers with a complete picture of data on the operation and energy consumption of the entire process. Information that helps to understand how the machine is working and, based on the energy absorbed, to check where its sustainability profile can be further improved as well, by balancing consumption from an economic, production and environmental point of view.

“By recording this data closely linked to the individual production batch, connecting to Assomac’s Green Plate certification, we are able to tell precisely how many grams of CO2 were produced during each individual processing step, for each batch of hides, providing a complete analysis of the Carbon Footprint produced. This device can be used on all Erretre and Fratelli Carlessi machines,” manager Giulio Galiotto explains.

Thanks to this tool, which integrates software and hardware solutions, the consumption of any type of energy used, whether electricity, compressed air or steam, is recorded for each batch of hides. With extreme accuracy. “Usually the data provided by manufacturers are based on averages and statistics. We are now able to measure them in a timely manner with a certified system,” Galiotto concludes.