Leather Tattoo, the laser marker from Feltre

An effective and robust system designed specifically for the tanning environment

Traceability has become a crucial step in the tanning process because the identification and mapping of the product makes it possible to certify its quality and value. Marking hides indelibly, however, is not straightforward because the operations to which they are subjected in the early stages of processing, such as fleshing, splitting or shaving, sometimes ruin and make the imprinted code unreadable. Current marking systems are estimated to record losses of 30 to 40 percent.

A more effective answer now comes from Feltre, which has just launched the “Leather Tattoo,” a laser marker designed specifically for use in the notoriously difficult tanning environment. It has developed two models, one for marking raw hides and one for hides at the wet blue/wet white stage. 

“Our system uses a laser built specifically for the tannery, therefore completely watertight, cooled not by air but by liquid, which can be washed with a simple jet of water,” explain the Veneto-based company. “The device is integrated into the process so that each hide is uniquely identified without slowing down the production line. The included software allows the user to control the speed and depth of marking.”