Cartigliano talks about Environmental and Social Responsibility

The company is committed to reducing energy consumption and using renewable sources and collaborates on important projects to benefit the local community

The theme chosen by Officine di Cartigliano to set up its large booth at Simac Tanning Tech 2022 was Responsibility. A topic declined by making the Sustainable Development Goals (ESGs) of the European Agenda 2030 its own, which the Veneto-based company illustrated one by one outside the booth with special explanatory posters.
A long series of commitments to the environment and society that Cartigliano is pursuing on the one hand through continuous technological research and, on the other, by grounding projects dedicated to the community of the area in which it operates.

On the environmental front, the company, which specializes in building plants for drying hides, is particularly pushing the reduction of consumption and the use of renewable energy. “The effort in recent years has been to design and build increasingly efficient plants that use low temperatures and minimize energy consumption,” the company explains. “Responsibility in this sense is linked to reducing the impact that our machines have on the external environment through the use of electricity produced by photovoltaic panels, instead of fossil fuels”. 

One solution developed by Cartigliano is the POREG (POwer REGenerator), a multifunctional unit that works in a closed circuit, which allows a 35 percent energy saving on production costs, as far as UnderVoilers are concerned, and significant water savings. “Our challenge today is to dry leathers by decreasing the working temperatures of the machines obtaining full, round, soft leathers that do not lose thickness or footing.”

Another interesting novelty presented at the fair was the 3D Configurator for sludge drying plants that allows new projects customized to the customer’s needs to be developed and defined in every detail with an extraordinary realistic rendering. 

Finally, the social aspect. “We are carrying out several corporate welfare initiatives to support families in the area in particular with the Giano project: let’s manufacture the future,” they conclude from Cartigliano.