FAV – Fratelli Alberti connects its skiving machines and facilitates the cutting of TPU and rubber

Lots of news come from FAV – Fratelli Alberti: from rebranding following the generational change, to new machines for Industry 4.0 and sustainable and patented innovations for cutting materials

“After a difficult year like 2020, we are happy to present at the fair 2 new machines and a patented system”, says Giacomo Capra, CFO of Fratelli Alberti Srl. A strong signal that accompanies the new image proposed at SIMAC 2021 from the Varese-based company, which brings a tangible wind of change after the generational turnover that occurred over the last 2 years. It renewed itself, remaining faithful to the tradition of Italian artisan excellence with machines that have been specifically designed for the leather industry for over 75 years.

Ilario Monterisi, Alberto Merlo, Paolo Favero e Giacomo Capra

But let’s talk about the novelties. The AV2NET skiving machine has been implemented with Industry 4.0 technology. The new model features a computer on board machinery that allows the machines to be connected to the network, improving the performance of the electronic models already in production and, above all, enabling predictive assistance and maintenance to be carried out with major accuracy and efficiency.


The combining machine of the new AP line, for the application of reinforcements and pre-glued materials on leather components, even with the same functioning as the previous COMBI, rely on a new design that allows to solve some critical issues. The model exhibited at SIMAC, which has a 60×40 cm top, was also equipped with a network connection and a man/machine interface that allows you to adjust processing parameters such as pressure, temperature and pressing time, save the presets for each process and share them with the entire company fleet.

On the splitting and skiving machines, instead, FAV has implemented the new cooling system for the ATERMO cutting area, for the processing of flexible and synthetic materials, up to thermoplastics and rubber. ATERMO is particularly suitable for toe-puffs and counters. A patented system that uses a flow of cold compressed air to replace the lubricant, ensuring better machining results as it avoids material damages and reduces the need for machine maintenance. Moreover, it eliminates the use of silicone or fossil-based substances for which controlled disposal must be activated. It is obviously a much more sustainable solution for the health of the environment.