Skinner by Escomar connects the machines

“Escomar Skinner” is a software developed by Escomar to facilitate the interconnection of tannery machines that is quite successful on the market thanks to its simplicity.

Mariano Ferrari

A programme that allows even the smallest companies to digitise their production by connecting up to 8 different plants together. Through the software the manager can receive all the data relating to the work in progress on his PC or tablet and therefore have full production control and intervention possibility to modify the work even remotely.

“It is a bidirectional communication system – explains Mariano Ferrari, Escomar sales manager – with the machine that sends production data to a remote computer, while the latter can send instructions to the machine operator via a warning on the display touch-screen installed on the same machine”.

Companies can implement it in their ERP system, thus completing the procedures necessary to obtain the benefits of Industry 4.0”. Traceability is another aspect that should not be underestimated: at the end of the cycle all data is archived, also creating a history for subsequent use and checks. We also ask Mariani, who works with markets around the world, for a comment on the market situation. “Undoubtedly there are signs of recovery from various areas starting from South America – he explains during the fair – but we also see great caution on the part of the tanneries in making new investments. Today customers are increasingly attentive to their cashflow and if they do not have long work schedules in front of them, they do not make any moves. Furthermore, nowadays it is very difficult to make price lists due to the strong increases in raw materials and the difficulty of supplying components and not just electronic ones. We hope that in the coming months all this uncertainty that is holding back the restart will be solved”.