Innovation Outlook 2023

Following the September 2022 edition and again in 2023, Simac Tanning Tech commissioned economist Enrico Cietta to conduct a survey of a sample of visitors who attended the fair in order to analyze their degree of satisfaction, capture their expectations and gather suggestions.

One of the important findings from the research is that visitors fall into three categories: those who come to meet with specific vendors, those who are looking for technology that will solve a business problem they have or help them seize an opportunity, and those, finally, who visit the expo to catch trends and new technology. The second and third groups, at both editions of the research, expressed a definite need for help in orienting themselves during the fair.

Simac Tanning Tech is a significantly big exhibition, and the technologies presented are many. It is by no means simple to be able to unearth the answer to one’s specific and individual request.

The Innovation Outlook project, carried out in collaboration with Arsutoria, thus goes in this direction: it is a report of the fair that helps both those who visited and those who could not attend to stay up-to-date on what was presented during the days of the event.

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