DESMA House Fair 2022

The traditional meeting that the German leader in footwear manufacturing engineering dedicates to its customers and players in the footwear industry will take place once again on 26 and 27 September in Achim.

After the long break caused by the advent of the pandemic, the awaited appointment with the DESMA House Fair, the traditional meeting dedicated to the players of the international footwear industry, will take place again. Up until 2018, every two years more than 50 exhibitors and 780 visitors from six continents met at the Desma headquarters in Achim to obtain information about innovations and new technologies. It is time to find out more about the latest developments in direct soling, new automation tools and customised solutions.

Variety in design and flexibility Customisation and flexibility are key factors in the footwear industry. Desma responds to these needs with new processes, machine configurations, designs and materials like Multi Section Injection (MSI), i.e. injecting material into different sections of the sole, allows you to create different features within one sole. The Centre Wedge and DESwing processes allow even more design options and different properties in multi-coloured soles, as well as a combination of different materials. Automation, digital networking, industry 4.0 Desma presents the new robotic and automation solutions, as well as networked production units, designed to meet the demands of its customers for new production forms that save resources, reduce costs, increase quality. Services The DESMA showroom DESMA in Achim allows you to know the solutions that the company has developed to monitor comfort, quality, cost effectiveness and design, and is the ideal place where each customer can exhibit their design ideas and functional needs to find concrete answers. Sustainability The direct sole technology on the upper, supported by adequate automation solutions, allows the production of footwear with precision and constant processes, without any intermediate products or adhesives, with little waste and low energy consumption. This yields both economic and ecological advantages ‘Factory of the future’ The “Factory of the future”, which was designed in accordance with state-of-the-art LEAN production methods, went into operation at Desma in mid-2020 and the Desma House Fair is the ideal opportunity to get to know it. DESMA CEO Christian Decker is already thinking about the next step: “Over the next four to five years, the industry will be able to use intelligent automation solutions, digital data tools and new manufacturing methods to create an intelligent supply chain. Smart manufacturing methods such as 3D glueing, direct injection and 3D printing will enable faster, more customised manufacturing and resource savings”. “It is already possible to store individual customer data, such as foot geometry, gait analysis and pressure profile, in a digital data set that can be reused and directed to the production of customised shoes. This and other new technologies can turn the act of buying shoes into a  “produtainment” process or “on-demand manufacturing”, that directly connects the shopping experience to the production process”. “If manufacturing facilities move closer to the consumer and shoes can be manufactured to suit the customer’s individual wishes, long transport times become a thing of the past”.