I-TECH Innovative Technology: revolutionary Lean Production system

State-of-the-art ad-hoc solutions have been designed for each stage of production to ensure a drastic reduction in raw material consumption and water consumption due to washing operations, as well as a marked reduction in waste and discharge. All this leads to a radical reduction in costs and a significant improvement in the processing system. The […]

TODESCO: innovation in spraying (Innover)

Innover spray booth: a system that changes the way leathers are finished under the banner of productivity and reduced maintenance time and color consumption. The booth is all AISI 304 stainless steel, sturdy and finished with care and attention to detail. The innovative arrangement of the fume extraction fan, in direct intake inside the booth, […]

BRS BARNINI: Automated cycle with robots

The robot takes the leather from the overhead chain and places it on the conveyor belt of the finishing line. A brand new automatic system for the entry of hides into tannery machinery replaces heavy and repetitive manual work. The hides, both half and whole, can be loaded by the robot on the processing plant […]

GEMATA: very low environmental impact with GREENFINISH

Innovative release paper finishing line with drying tunnel with pyrometers to control the temperature on the paper and on the leather surface. It is the first system to use the GREENSTARs roller coating machine to coat the thermo-adesive on the leathers. Uniform coverage effect on all leathers. Minimisation of environmental impacts with the reduction of […]

FALMACH: telemetry Process data monitoring system, air quality and solvent presence

Customized graphics and editing, real-time monitoring and history features make the system easy to use by operators, maintainers or supervisors. The software allows you to have both new and existing machines under control anytime and anywhere, optimizing their use and maintenance. Certified sensor technology also makes it possible to monitor the air quality of workstations.

SATURN: Brushing machine with advanced vacuum system

The filtering and collection system is located inside the machine with an obvious reduction in total footprint. Very easy maintenance with no bag to disassemble but with collection basket. HEPA filter provides an advanced level of dust filtering. Proximity sensor allows the machine to be turned off when the operator is not in front of […]

PL PROJECT: Innovative edge dyeing system

Machine that consumes so little electricity that it can be powered by a powerbank recharged at night when energy is cheaper. Wireless magnetic motor. The head can be assembled and disassembled very easily and quickly to do color changes and to clean the components that come in contact with the color. Once closed with the […]

MAIN GROUP: robotic line for sole preparation

Robot to support the automation of gluing the sole. The vision system recognizes the exact position of the sole while the robot following the programmed path, sprays the glue preparing the sole for bonding with the upper. The operation takes place inside a closed chamber equipped with suction to prevent glue dispersion into the environment.

ALC: Kyotex bonding system

No more brush and glue in workers’ hands. Solid, cold transfer adhesive tape without solvent or harmful fumes. Kyotex complementary tapes apply adhesive precisely and uniformly to the part, contour-cutting it and making it self-adhesive. The wide range of film, strip and dot tapes adapts to a variety of materials and ensures maximum hold, breathability, […]

GALLI Spa: 3D design of production layouts

The new software developed by Galli makes it possible to position the company’s machinery in a 3D environment and to make it much easier and more intuitive to compare with clients on machine layout, space organization, work ergonomics and team sizing in different departments.

AGFA: sustainability of UV inks

IUL’s new inks ensure the highest standards in terms of worker safety and impact on the environment. Finally, the optimization of the UV printing machines in the Alussa Line enables an optimal fixing process even on uneven surfaces.