FALMACH: Bottom roughing, health and safety at another level

The most advanced roughing machine on the market today. A blade of air protects the operator and the powerful vacuum system combined with sensors that detect the amount of dust keep the work environment healthy. Ergonomic adjustments and simple and effective machine set-up. Operating parameters adjustable from touch screen and machine 4.0 remotely monitorable. HEPA […]

CAMOGA: HEPA filter on splitting machines

The structure of all the machines in the PLUS line has been redesigned. Noise reduced and suction made more powerful. There is now a HEPA filter on board the machine.

BOZZIDEE di Bozzolan Alberto: No more lasting nails in the mouth

Up to 4 loaders can be installed for both right- and left-handed operators. The nails are picked up by a rotating comb and placed in a guide. The nail is served to the operator who with can conveniently pick it up. To secure it in the shoe while keeping it in the correct position at […]

ABC Equipment & Solutions: Space-saving bag holders

Space in the factory is always critical, carts are essential to keep things tidy. “Z” base allows carts to be stacked when not in use. The arms can be positioned vertically in a very simple operation. Once they are put back horizontally, the distance between the arms can be adjusted in a snap by the […]

OMFAS: Customizable manual spray booth

The Velox 1400 stainless steel manual spray booth is ideal for performing leather finishing sampling. It features a new automatic water loading and unloading system that provides significant energy savings. Maintenance reduced to a minimum thanks to its composition in three sectors that can be completely disassembled (Water Veil – Top – Tank). Backlit table […]

NEXUS: Big Brother, automatic leather stacker  

Automatic system for stacking leather at the exit of another operating machine positioned upstream. It is revolutionary because it performs the same function of traditional stackers in much smaller spaces and without operator intervention, even in case of very shining automotive leathers. Modular system and small sizes. Remote assistance and Industry 4.0.

ALPESPAK: Suprema splitting machine with automatic introducer

Splitting machine equipped with a specific system designed to eliminate the difficult operation of introducing, leading and braking the hide by operators when passing the hide between the transport rollers in the traditional splitting system. An automatic device facilitates the introduction of one hide after another into the feeding system, without the need for specialized […]

I-TECH Innovative Technology: revolutionary Lean Production system

State-of-the-art ad-hoc solutions have been designed for each stage of production to ensure a drastic reduction in raw material consumption and water consumption due to washing operations, as well as a marked reduction in waste and discharge. All this leads to a radical reduction in costs and a significant improvement in the processing system. The […]

TODESCO: innovation in spraying (Innover)

Innover spray booth: a system that changes the way leathers are finished under the banner of productivity and reduced maintenance time and color consumption. The booth is all AISI 304 stainless steel, sturdy and finished with care and attention to detail. The innovative arrangement of the fume extraction fan, in direct intake inside the booth, […]

BRS BARNINI: Automated cycle with robots

The robot takes the leather from the overhead chain and places it on the conveyor belt of the finishing line. A brand new automatic system for the entry of hides into tannery machinery replaces heavy and repetitive manual work. The hides, both half and whole, can be loaded by the robot on the processing plant […]

GEMATA: very low environmental impact with GREENFINISH

Innovative release paper finishing line with drying tunnel with pyrometers to control the temperature on the paper and on the leather surface. It is the first system to use the GREENSTARs roller coating machine to coat the thermo-adesive on the leathers. Uniform coverage effect on all leathers. Minimisation of environmental impacts with the reduction of […]