CTC: Alis, the complete leather tracking solution

ALIS (Automatic Leather Identification System) is a solution developed by CTC (The technological centre for the French leather industry) that allows the complete traceability of each hide throughout the entire transformation process, from raw hide to finished leather.

CTC traceability consists of two complementary blocks: ALIS Marking and ALIS Reading 

ALIS Marking  
A CO2 gas laser technology that allows the marking of a unitary code, associated with the animal, within the hide to secure its identification. The marking can be done on all types of hides (big cattle, cattle, sheep), on the collar, at the raw, fresh or salted stage (though the latter is recommended). It has been designed and patented by SLCR to withstand the leather transformation process.

ALIS Reading 
An industrial tool that ensures the automatic and secure reading of markings, despite the deformations induced by the tanning and leather transformation processes. This device is based on a camera acquisition system and Artificial Intelligence algorithms, trained to resist this industrial process. Information related to the quality and origin of each hide is automatically retained and stored within a database thus generated, which allows the sharing of information between the different sectors (meat and leather), from breeding to finished leather.