Virtual Reality enters the tannery with AS Green Technology

The Tuscan company has developed a product that offers an immersive experience.

A virtual tour in the tannery to discover the technology and operation of innovative plants and machinery. A possibility offered at Simac Tanning Tech 2022 by AS Green Technology Srl, a Tuscan company specializing in technologies for the transport, conditioning and drying of hides, which at the Milan fair last September proposed this important novelty destined to mark a turning point. Wearing special optical visors, at the Tuscan company’s booth visitors were in fact able to discover the latest technological innovations perfectly set in a virtual tannery meticulously recreated in all its departments. Digital spaces inside which one could walk around and take a closer look at the various plants represented in 3D. A real journey inside the tannery that thrilled operators visiting the leather area technology fair.

“We are very proud to have been able to develop this augmented reality product to offer to customers,” says Filippo Sani, founder of AS Green Technology. “Virtual reality offers an extraordinary immersive experience, which allows for a 360-degree experience of the entire manufacturing process, giving many useful insights to those who are looking for ways to optimize their business. 

Virtual reality is already a real opportunity in many areas, just think of applications in the medical and surgical fields. “It is a technology that will surely find many uses in our sector as well, and not only from a commercial point of view,” says Sani. “We already have ideas for using it in the field of technical assistance and assembly of the implants themselves. Also important is the aspect of personnel training, for example, we are working on the creation of tutorials in various languages to instruct technicians on the correct use of the machines.”

AS Green Technology, based in the Tuscan tanning district, makes overhead conveyors, automatic loaders and drying systems for tanning processes. Its flagship technologies are overhead conveyors for the wet section with high-efficiency tunnels and conditioning and drying rooms, which offer minimal energy consumption and processing time, with maximum respect for the environment. 

In addition to virtual reality, AS Green Technology also exhibited at the fair the prototype of a new automatic unloader for hides and announced the setting up at its Montopoli in Val d’Arno (Pisa) site of a drying test room in order to further improve customer service.