Todesco introduces the Microp Next economizer

The spray booth management system lasts over time and stands out for its precision and simplicity.

Microp is the spray booth management system and chemical economizer. It comes from more than 40 years of experience Todesco has in manufacturing such systems.

“Microp is the first economizer in the tanning industry based on an industrial PLC,” explain from Todesco. “The special reading bar made up of Opto Module elements, communicates with the best-selling industrial PLCs readily available on the market. In this way Microp does not suffer from component obsolescence and spare parts are available anywhere in the world.”

Hand holding blank tablet with design space

The economizer developed by Todesco, a leading Italian company in the design and production of spraying lines and solutions for leather finishing, stands out for its precision and simplicity. Its peculiarity lies in the reading bar that operates directly above the leather, contrary to the technologies currently in use. A key detail that avoids any accumulation of dirt that could obscure the reading devices and would be a source of unnecessary and costly overspray. The breadth of Microp’s reading spectrum also smoothly detects leathers with printed surfaces (reptiles, crocodile), with fluorescent and reflective colors, such as metallic paints.
Another strength of Microp is a very clear and easy-to-understand user interface through which working parameters can be set and recipes can be created for each type of item.