The water-based sole coupling according to BNZ

BNZ WP 400 is a self-modelling press that allows high productivity and flexibility without having to use templates or matrices

Compatible with the requirements of Industry 4.0, as is now a must, the WP 400 machine developed by BNZ has innovative features that make it very flexible and therefore perfect for the current context of small and varied productions. The Vigevano-based company, leader in the construction of machinery for sole factories, has created a universal self-modelling press system for any type of footwear and sole coupling. Its main features are: a pressing area of ​​550 x 450 mm; a pressure of up to 30 Kg/cm² over the entire contact surface; no template or matrix necessary to carry out press operations. The press is water operated and uses the principle of submerged fluids, which allows the pressure to be distributed in a differentiated way both below and above the parts, completely wrapping the shoes inserted in the machine. It is perfect for any type of model, but in particular for more technical sport shoes that need a lot of pressure to wrap the upper on the shape and ensure perfect sole coupling. Another advantage is represented by the very fast work cycles, thanks to the possibility of reaching high pressures in no time. Pressures that can however be programmed in gradual steps that allow you to manage both an approach phase, in order to avoid material damage, and a more sustained pressure aimed at perfectly fixing the components.

WP 400