The travel to the perfect split is planned by Lamebo

Like any self-respecting travel agency, the Piedmont-based company, a manufacturer of splitting bandknives, wants its customers to have nothing to worry about.

When traveling, the worst that can happen is to run into some serious snag that undermines the experience and the investment. The same is true for those who deal with leathers or the production of footwear and leather goods. Every hiccup stops the production line: quality and efficiency suffer.

Lamebo makes a niche product that is exported to 110 countries, a tool, splitting bandknives, that must be precise and reliable… it must not cause problems.

So, the Lamebo booth at the last Simac Tanning Tech was presented as a kind of travel agency. The message was clear: you think about having fun (producing), we’ll take care of the rest. But the travel agency must be trusted, you know. So why trust Lamebo? Case in point: Lamebo rectifies edges and surface of its own bandknives. Additional production steps that many do not take, but which characterize and distinguish the quality of Lamebo blades. For the customer, rectification means a guarantee of maximum cutting precision with less material waste, increased productivity of split parts with the same number of blades used, less blade consumption and, consequently, less machine downtime to the benefit of efficiency.

So, enjoy your trip! Forgive me, enjoy your splitting!