The Spark F compact system and other news from Elitron at Simac 2022

At Simac Tanning Tech in Milan, the company from the Marche region presented its new products for the footwear and leather industry, including the brand new Spark F compact multi-cutting system, which guarantees high productivity, flexibility and results in compact dimensions.

At the last edition of Simac Tanning Tech in Milan, the Monte Urano-based company presented its new and established products dedicated to the accessories sector. In particular, the new products include the innovative Spark system, the cutting system with a compact design for exceptional performance, designed to meet the ever-increasing demand for precision, flexibility and productivity, in reduced dimensions. Available in fixed table format with dimensions 800×1600 mm, or conveyor table format with dimensions 1900×1600 mm, ideal for precision cutting of prototypes and production jobs, Spark has a 5-tool multi-function cutting head and intelligent video projection system that allow immediate prototyping and make the Spark system extremely flexible, a masterpiece of compact cutting. Fast and agile, Spark is the perfect machine for the production of prototypes and samples for the leather and leather goods industry.

Elitron’s new offerings also include the Visio capture table, which converts the entire leather into a high-precision digital file. The LED light illuminates the entire working area to facilitate the recognition of quality areas on the leather, and the Elitron Digital Infrared (EDI) pen allows the operator to classify holes or defects without marking the leather. In this way, it is no longer necessary to continuously check the screen, because the digital marks are clearly visible on the material and intelligently coloured. The marks are coded directly on the leather. This saves time, and is more convenient for the operator. Elitron’s bestsellers include Booster, the best-selling cutting system from Elitron, which has been further upgraded and comes with advanced recognition technology for printed materials and leather. The new Seeker System vision technology is, in fact, a sophisticated camera and software system that automatically identifies the position of printed reference points on the material and uses them to synchronise the cutting path of the printed images for extreme cutting precision. In addition to the above systems, visitors had the opportunity to see Kudos, the innovative conveyor system with 2 cutting heads, for leather and synthetic materials on a roll: a truly ’open’ system, capable of interfacing with all CAD systems on the market, and guaranteeing maximum flexibility even in highly critical situations.