The new star ANTARES enters the MOSCONI firmament

New flesh splitting machine works without rubber roller thanks to a patented system.

A new star has entered the firmament of Mosconi technologies. It is called Antares and it is the brand new flesh splitting machine with automatic introduction presented by the Veneto-based company at a trade show in Milan last September. “Antares is the result of years of research and development,” explains Giovanni Gonella, Mosconi’s sales manager, “it is a completely new machine compared to conventional splitting machines in particular because, thanks to an innovative patented system, it works without the traditional rubber roller, needle rollers and backs, which means eliminating one of the most felt problems, namely machine downtime due to the hide getting stuck in the rollers where it sometimes even remains marked. This solution is particularly advantageous for machines with automatic introduction where the operator cannot see if the rollers get dirty”.

Another important feature that distinguishes the new splitting machine is the different system for introducing the hides, a function that is fulfilled here by means of a special “roller conveyor” that replaces the traditional mat and ensures, in addition to the advancement of the hide, its widening, which is a fundamental condition for a perfect split. “Another advantage comes from the reduction in maintenance time and costs since the belt has to go as close as possible to the blade in order to function and it happens to be cut with the consequent need to be replaced frequently. With our roller conveyor this no longer happens.” 

A final aspect to emphasize, they point out from Mosconi, is the water savings because compared to traditional machines Antares consumes very little water. Machine management and axis control are performed through a numerical control system (CNC) with a touch screen interface. The machine is equipped with all the requirements of Industry 4.0 including telediagnostics as well as remote thickness control and adjustment.