The many advantages of the ECOSPRAY system by BARNINI

For a more productive and ecological leather spraying

ECOSPRAY is the greenest and most efficient technological innovation for leather spraying. “It is the result of a multi-year research and development project in collaboration with professionals, universities and companies from alternative sectors” explains Barnini, a historic Tuscan company that specialises in the production of tanning machinery. Continuous research and multiple synergies for development has given light to the most evolved solution for the progress of spraying systems. In short, the main benefits offered by Barnini are: better finishing quality, drastic reduction of paint passes, chemical product and water savings, time saving for spray booth cleaning, drastic reduction of water and air contamination.

The innovative ECOSPRAY package includes: – B54 HVLP automatic spraying gun – SPRAYSTATION Panel Pc with 15” Touch Screen – SMARTSCAN Leather reading bar with 5 mm pitch

Worth of note is also 4FLIX, the new specific accessory designed for the innovative B54 gun and patented in 2021 with multiple functions. In particular, 4FLIX allows you to: automatically adjust the gun trigger, quickly release the paint using the “quick flush” release valve, quickly unhook the gun from the arm, hide all the hoses inside the arm so as not to contaminate them during the spraying process. Alternatively, it is possible to configure the gun with an automatic pneumatic paint flow regulator and with a quick exhaust valve. Both are components that can be installed individually or together.