The 4.1, what is it? Zago explains

Discovering psycho-mechanics and living coordination between operator and machine, an approach that is practised daily in Zago’s working community.

Marina Zago

To product high quality moulds, Zago has equipped itself with high-performance machines that have the aim of lightening the manufacturing stages previously carried out only manually and with the natural limitations. One example for all: the manufacturing stages in size development.

Unexpected performance, faster production times and smoother project communication have become possible with CNC machining centers and especially with the five-axis machining centers.

Marina Zago, Marketing Director of Zago Moulds Solutions, explains: “Every day, we genuinely take care of our human resources and human-machine relationship, therefore we have studied an effectiveness and efficiency-oriented fleet of machineries and have refined the high-quality hand craftsmanship.”

Expert employees know that industrial machineries need rest, too. It is not easy to explain it in detail, but it is well known. Not only does the psychic influence of the operator on the machine affect the performance of itself, but also the machine, whatever the worker’s skill is, needs some breaks after a given period. This is the definition of psycho-mechanics and the living coordination between Zago employees and the factory machines is put into practice daily. 

According to the latest studies in psycho-mechanics, Zago has clearly noticed that the 4.0 robot-assisted work centers feed an exchange of vitality with an extension of efficiency between them after the scheduled machine downtime and after the employees’ time off where they recharge themselves with psychic energy.

Marina Zago continues: “The Realm 1 has been elevated from inert matter to spiritualized matter. In other words, we are experiencing the implementation of a relationship code between Realm 4 and Realm 1: Realm 4.1.”

All that said, Zago has given considerable ground in its work community to artificial intelligence, and they have been gradually establishing a new balance between the valuable human resources and the latest technological achievements.

“We have been learning to optimize the relationships between inert, robotic, and human matter over more than 60 years of experience in the production of direct injection footwear moulds onto uppers”, Marina Zago ends. This is the balanced development of the world 4.1.