Maria Vittoria Brustia, President of Assomac, takes stock of the fair, the sector and the association.

Maria Vittoria Brustia

A few months have passed since the end of “Simac Tanning Tech 2021”. And I can say that I am moderately satisfied with how the Fair took place, despite the general health conditions: my first thoughts go to the Italian and international companies that had “the courage to accept the challenge to restart from the event” together with us, Organisers of Simac Tanning Tech. My greatest thanks go to them for showing their belief in the Organising Body, Assomac Servizi s.r.l., and in the value that Simac Tanning Tech represents for the worldwide manufacturing sectors of the Footwear, Leather Goods and Tannery industry, and related sectors. I am thinking of the effort made for the digital evolution of the Fair: these are all seeds that we plant today, to see them flourish in the coming years. We did not make progress in the digital world for a “me-too” logic: we believe in the power of these innovations, as a support for the physical fair, in order to bring exhibitors together and not to lose them, but above all international buyers who, for reasons related to the pandemic were unable to come to Italy. If the world speaks this language, we must stay on the wave of innovation, to ensure a fair experience that is in step with the times and captivating for the younger generations, future workers and “makers” of these sectors. I am thinking of the November Assembly held by the members of the ASSOMAC Association, of which I am president: we gathered all the representatives of the fashion industry around a round table to discuss the Digital and Green transition in production processes. In this moment where we are considering a restart, at European and world level, even in the real difficulties that still persist, I believe that Simac Tanning Tech has important growth and improvement prospects ahead of it. Let’s broaden the horizons of possibilities and aim high! Simac Tanning Tech must maintain and improve its position as a “reference point” for innovation, technology and “on-the market” solutions: we are working to expand the global network, welcoming all the “players” of the Innovation. Companies first and foremost, by improving exposure and communication opportunities to attract more visitors; the world of Research and International Technology Centres because this sector is alive and an international level platform is needed, where full “technology transfer” can be implemented. Networking that lasts all year round, collaborating with other trade fair bodies and events of international importance, so that the information flow does not stop and that the Fair can increasingly assume the role of catalyst and showcase of primary importance. We expect a profitable 2022, a long race to get to the next “Simac Tanning Tech 2022” which we confirm for the month of September, consolidating our position at Fiera Milano.