Technopoly presents TPS MATIC

The company from Vigevano (Pavia), specialized in the construction of machines for moulding of soles, heels and technical articles, both pouring or direct injection-onto-upper machines, presents its latest-generation static fully-automatic linear PU pouring machine.

Technopoly, specialised in the construction of pouring or direct injection-onto-upper machines, both offered in static or rotary version, by fully or semi-automatic system – presents among its flagship products the TPS MATIC, a static fully-automatic linear PU pouring machine, ideal for the production of soles, sandals, fussbets and technical articles hitherto only obtainable with traditional static TPS model machines. Like all the machines in the Technopoly production line, the TPS MATIC also pays particular attention to respecting the environment as it works with an environmentally friendly system. Each mould holder is independent of each other and has the capacity to deliver several castings in the same mould. Furthermore, it has the possibility of operating from 2 to 3 axes. The main feature of this machine, however, is that it allows casting figures to be created that can be followed perfectly over the mould shape. It is a very versatile model, which is already successfully employed in many factories in various parts of the world.