Tampolamina® by GTO evolves and prints now also on highly absorbent materials

The new technology called Tampotransfer®, developed by the Emilian company, operates also on synthetic fibres, elastic fibres, leathers and polyurethane materials

Tampolamina is the latest novelty from GTO, covered by a patent and presented last year, which creates completely innovative customisations. It performs thermal transfer prints with a laminated effect for both full graphics and very thin lines, combining the versatility of pad printing with the shine of hot stamping. The prints are in evidence and are recognisable to the touch, offering an excellent mirror/shine effect. A machine that allows you to customise both leather goods and footwear.

Tampotransfer®, represents the latest evolution of Tampolamine. Dedicated to multi-coloured decoration on highly absorbent materials such as synthetic fibres, elastic fibers, leathers and polyurethane materials, it allows the quality, shine and intensity of the colours to remain unaltered.

It too is a GTO proprietary patent and passed the most stringent chemical and mechanical leak testing. It has been set up for industry 4.0 standards and is suitable for surfaces that can be printed up to 90° (Tampolamine – transfer) and up to 180° (Tampotransfer), as well as for uneven surfaces.