TODESCO: innovation in spraying (Innover)

Innover spray booth: a system that changes the way leathers are finished under the banner of productivity and reduced maintenance time and color consumption. The booth is all AISI 304 stainless steel, sturdy and finished with care and attention to detail. The innovative arrangement of the fume extraction fan, in direct intake inside the booth, […]

COMETA: The best in stitching in one leather goods machine

The best technologies from a leader in the sewing world (juki) come together to create a machine that is an excellent alternative to the historic and popular traditional machines. Advantages: having a tested, efficient and reliable technology made with interchangeable parts that many companies already have in stock and can be used as spare parts […]

ALKOTEX 1954: dyeing with solid colors without using water and polyester yarns

Twine invented the first digital dyeing system for PES yarns without the use of water. It enables brands and manufacturers to dye their yarn internally, on demand, in the exact color and length required, in minutes. Always ready to use. This technology saves on delivery time and thread waste by eliminating minimum order quantity requirements, […]

WINTECH: trend in sole molding machinery

Energy conservation today is the most current issue being felt by companies. Work is constantly being done to reduce electricity consumption in all facilities. Difficulty in sourcing electronic components and more are driving manufacturers to have to continually reengineer machines to maintain the quality levels characteristic of leading companies but still be able to meet […]

INESCOP: 3D for virtual shoe prototypes

3D technology today is a powerful tool to support the interaction between design and sample making and for marketing and sales processes for reducing the number of samples to be produced. 3D requires powerful and fast tools for modeling, but to obtain images that are indistinguishable from the real ones, it is necessary to introduce […]

PL PROJECT: Innovative edge dyeing system

Machine that consumes so little electricity that it can be powered by a powerbank recharged at night when energy is cheaper. Wireless magnetic motor. The head can be assembled and disassembled very easily and quickly to do color changes and to clean the components that come in contact with the color. Once closed with the […]

MACAP: Press for soles with parts that wrap around the upper

New pressing system for cemented soles with parts that go up to cover the upper: toe caps, rear spoilers, or side carry-overs. The rubber sock adapts to the shape of the shoe thanks to a compressed air system. Compared with systems available on the market, the smaller size of the sock requires less air supply […]

ALC: Kyotex bonding system

No more brush and glue in workers’ hands. Solid, cold transfer adhesive tape without solvent or harmful fumes. Kyotex complementary tapes apply adhesive precisely and uniformly to the part, contour-cutting it and making it self-adhesive. The wide range of film, strip and dot tapes adapts to a variety of materials and ensures maximum hold, breathability, […]

CIUCANI: Construction without last and glue

A machine that joins the upper to a side wall outsole directly without the need for lasting A sole design with the side wall of the outsole a few tenths thicker than traditional allows construction without lasting board or strobel.The upper with the curled toe is attached directly to the sole. The addition of a […]

BOMBELLI: string lasting – lasting without glue and nails

String lasting is a traditional construction in the footwear industry belonging to the family of “sacchetto” upper constructions The advantage of string lasting is an extreme speed and simplicity in the lasting The Bombelli company has developed an affordable machine but of high productivity and robustness to handle string lasting working

ATOM MB: automation in bottom roughing and gluing

What is new is the ability to use traditional production lasts even on an automatic handling line with conveyor belt and robot handling. The adaptive rubber gripper is able to grab any type of footwear from the belt and place it correctly into the MB line machines. The use of positioned RFID tags enables shoe […]