ZÜND: DIVA, digital leather acquisition system

The system makes it possible to do preparatory operations for cutting more efficient as well as to better manage delocalized production with respect to the materials warehouse. The operator marks quality zones as well as defects and performs manual, or interactive or automatic nesting. In the case of large volumes, a scan-to-stop can be carried […]

COMELZ: Automatic defect recognition on NEK tables

The Comelz table can now pull the leather and allow more accurate highlighting of defects. The high-resolution cameras and the lights located to best illuminate the surface of the leather. The operator can still integrate the automatically collected information and thus train the algorithm.

ANZANI: A software module for quality control is added to the Logimove system 

The LOGIMOVE Fully-automatic system dedicated to production management in uppers and leather goods companies is being enriched with a software module for quality control. In addition to tracking operator productivity, the system will now also be able to track errors made (so as to help operators improve their quality level) and assign any repairs, which […]

WEGA: 8-character code stamper

New 8-character code stamper to code each leather allowing full traceability. It allows deep engraving, ideal for embossing prints. The ability to stamp the code is simultaneous with the measurement of the leather.  Allows constant quality control for both the manufacturer and the user.

CTC: Alis, the complete leather tracking solution

ALIS (Automatic Leather Identification System) is a solution developed by CTC (The technological centre for the French leather industry) that allows the complete traceability of each hide throughout the entire transformation process, from raw hide to finished leather. CTC traceability consists of two complementary blocks: ALIS Marking and ALIS Reading  ALIS Marking  A CO2 gas laser […]

ALEN: maximum control of leather quality (AL16)

Simple to operate by a single operator, it increases production quality by 30 percent and leather cutting quality by 100 percent eliminating defects that become apparent during assembly. The feeding of the leather can be done with automatic transport. The width of the machine can be customized according to the customer’s needs. New: The addition […]

BRUSTIA: X-ray control

Quality control is a critical activity in fashion today. The X-ray machine reduces time and increases control efficiency. In addition to defining traditional “control areas” and relying on operator experience, Brustia is working on training neural networks for increasingly efficient early detection of potential problems.

COMELZ: automating the recognition of hide defects

In Comelz’s new NEK Plus, a system of combined direct and lateral LED light beams allow for the detection of hide defects that were hardly identifiable from previous technologies The use of artificial intelligence has enabled important steps in the direction of self-qualification of defects i.e., automatic detection of defects by the machine.