OMFAS: The remotely controlled tailor-made drum

Stainless steel drums of standard dimensions or customizable with 10” PLC touch screen control panel. Supporting structure in tubular stainless steel AISI 304 and components of the highest quality. New interconnection software for remote control from any device. Extremely accurate design with customized logos and graphics.

SABAL: CNC leather cutting with automatic tool changer

The CT 1015 further improves its efficiency by a new version equipped with a head with automatic tool changer. With 9 tools that can be loaded on the machine, any type of material can be cut: from leather to plastic to metal. The system is scalable to any Sabal cutting machine and provides for the […]

FAV – FRATELLI ALBERTI: Made in Italy flat combining machines with high efficiency

It can reach 230° and exert a high pressure (0.68 kg/cm2) The presence of the double drawer allows the reduction of dead cycle times, while the new HMI interface is simple and intuitive. The latest generation of electronics allows remote control and assistance, transfer of working parameters from the machine to the office and vice […]

FALMACH: telemetry Process data monitoring system, air quality and solvent presence

Customized graphics and editing, real-time monitoring and history features make the system easy to use by operators, maintainers or supervisors. The software allows you to have both new and existing machines under control anytime and anywhere, optimizing their use and maintenance. Certified sensor technology also makes it possible to monitor the air quality of workstations.

ANZANI: Super-efficient footwear conveyor (Multiplex Contact 4.0)

Multi-deck conveyor on which to group similar items to promote greater efficiency and better production balancing. By associating the item with each individual conveyor, achieved by exploiting RFID technology, the software enables complete production tracking to be carried out. A tablet displays the standard time of each operation, the actual time in which it is […]

ELITRON: Digitization of hides and quality areas for cutting

The Visio C system equipped with a conveyor work area automatically captures even large leather contours. The “EDI” optical pen allows the operator to highlight different levels of quality areas without leaving a trace on the leather. Designed to work offline from the cutting system, it allows the creation of a digital warehouse of leathers […]

COMELZ: automating the recognition of hide defects

In Comelz’s new NEK Plus, a system of combined direct and lateral LED light beams allow for the detection of hide defects that were hardly identifiable from previous technologies The use of artificial intelligence has enabled important steps in the direction of self-qualification of defects i.e., automatic detection of defects by the machine.