FAINPLAST: Biomaterials for compounds with unchanged performance

Bloom produces sustainable materials used by the footwear industry to protect the environment by reducing carbon emissions through the use of natural algae-based products instead of petroleum-based ones. Excess proliferating algae are transformed by Bloom into reusable biomaterials. Fainplast using Bloom’s biomaterials, has developed a new line of compounds with reduced environmental impact. These products, […]

MAIN GROUP: Use of recycled material in the molding of EVA

A module is mounted upstream of the injector of the EVA sole molding machine that mixes granules of recycled material with new material from raw material storage bins. Recycled material can be added to the extent of up to 30 percent of the total with obvious savings in cost and environmental impact.

DESMA: Use of recycled material in the polyurethane direct injection

A modification of the injection screw as well as the feeding system allows granules from grinding waste materials to be added to the injection of the two polyurethane components. The percentage of recycled material varies from 10% to 20% and depends on the desired performance characteristics of the sole obtained.