MAIN GROUP: robotic line for sole preparation

Robot to support the automation of gluing the sole. The vision system recognizes the exact position of the sole while the robot following the programmed path, sprays the glue preparing the sole for bonding with the upper. The operation takes place inside a closed chamber equipped with suction to prevent glue dispersion into the environment.

GUSBI: Innovation trends in PU printing

PU machine manufacturers are working in several directions to increasingly improve molding processes for a compound that offers so many advantages over traditional thermoplastics. One trend is the use of polyurethanes with increasingly lower densities to reduce component weight and gain share in applications that require lighter soles. Efforts are being made to achieve maximum […]

GTO: Tampotransfer Maxi Hug

Tampotransfer Maxi Hug is a GTO patent that enables the application of transfers on surfaces of different shapes and nature. The pad hugs the object to be decorated by reaching an angle of up to 180°. In the footwear industry, it is the ideal solution because of its simplicity and speed of use.Tampotransfer Maxi Hug […]

Galli Spa: machine setup automation

The processing of belts and shoulder straps requires a precise machine setup that is different for each type of product. The FC2E Tecno has been re-engineered to allow the on-board computer to handle mechanical adjustments. A program is selected from the control panel and the machine automatically adjusts to perform all operations with the operating […]

Pelle3D by EGAS CONSULTING: thermoforming leather with membrane and vacuum

A thermoforming process at low temperatures (about 50°) using a technology traditionally used for wood and carbon processing. The leather is sprayed with a chemical agent on the flesh side that acts on the fibers and makes the thermoforming permanent. The chemical agent does not transmigrate to the grain side, does not interfere with the […]

COMELZ: automating the recognition of hide defects

In Comelz’s new NEK Plus, a system of combined direct and lateral LED light beams allow for the detection of hide defects that were hardly identifiable from previous technologies The use of artificial intelligence has enabled important steps in the direction of self-qualification of defects i.e., automatic detection of defects by the machine.

ATOM Flashcut: cutting automation

The new robotic system automates the collection of cut pieces. With suction cup picking, the risks of spoiling the material are eliminated. The onboard A.I. makes possible to customize the criteria for depositing the picked pieces in the different boxes. In the case of cutting fabrics and synthetics, this is a fully automatic machine that […]

AGFA: sustainability of UV inks

IUL’s new inks ensure the highest standards in terms of worker safety and impact on the environment. Finally, the optimization of the UV printing machines in the Alussa Line enables an optimal fixing process even on uneven surfaces.