ELITRON: The Booster cutting system

Featuring two separate work areas, Booster is a high-productivity system that can have up to 7 tools on board for all cutting jobs. It features the most advanced camera recognition technology for printed materials and leather: the Seeker System recognition technology. The sophisticated camera and software system identifies printed reference points and uses them to […]

DURKOPP ADLER: Delta 888 step-motor and much more

Many new features on board the new 888, first and foremost the step-motor that guarantees absolute precision to the movement. All operating parameters can be adjusted from the touch screen panel. The new magnetic sensor detects the thickness of the material and automatically adjusts the stitch length and other parameters such as thread tension. All […]

CO.ME.TA: Automation for sewing and trimming handles in leather goods

The machine was created for trimming the handles of briefcases, bags, pochettes. It automatically recognizes the length and position of the handle, not depending on the precision with which the operator prepares the piece. The system makes it possible to reproduce an identical seam on each handle regardless of its length or position, without varying […]

COMELZ: Automatic defect recognition on NEK tables

The Comelz table can now pull the leather and allow more accurate highlighting of defects. The high-resolution cameras and the lights located to best illuminate the surface of the leather. The operator can still integrate the automatically collected information and thus train the algorithm.

BUZZI: Ultra precise positioning for high frequency

High frequency causes permanent cold deformation by electromagnetic wave. The mold requires absolute precision of the position of the object to be molded. Buzzi has developed a machine that uses a laser pointer instead of the traditional frame and an innovative rotation system that causes no displacement. Alternatively a Hi-Res camera for perfect alignment on […]

BRAMAC: Automated marking in the stitching department

The scanner automatically acquires the geometry of the cardboard pattern and the position of the guides for marking (alternatively DXF file from CAD). The operator places the cut pieces on the belt that transports them inside the machine. The machine can deposit solvent, water-based and thermal ink with either continuous line or hatching for consistently […]

ATOM: Improved the 2185 Master for cutting materials

A new cleaning and blade height adjustment sensor enables automatic adjustment of the cutting height, avoiding mistakes and cutting the mat. Also new is the mat handling system. No more with a roller system, but through the use of two grippers.  It allows for more precise handling steps, particularly when making resumption cuts, i.e., when […]

ANZANI: New flash reactivator for Multiplex Contact 4.0 conveyor

The Multiplex Contact 4.0 system is a motorized chain conveyor equipped with trolley stop stations for assembling and finishing footwear. A new flash reactivator model has been integrated to the system with the ability to customize the settings and lamp temperatures for each floor so that the temperature of the shoe and sole in preparation […]