“Stemma_PRO” the web-app that improves the efficiency of injection systems

The new web-app developed by Stemma allows remote production monitoring and ensures essential reports to evaluate and reduce costs in an easy and fast way.

Never before has it been vital for companies to keep process efficiency under control and optimise productivity and the consumption of raw materials. The systems developed by Stemma in its machines for the moulding of polyurethane soles and shoes, perfectly meet these customer needs, thanks to an advanced network of sensors that allows an in-depth performance analysis, to which today “STEMMA_PRO” is added, the new web-app that allows operators and managers to constantly supervise the production process.

STEMMA_PRO is an integrated system, which automatically records production data like the number of injections made, working and inactivity times, consumption and material waste, energy consumption, critical issues on specific operations and that elaborates detailed reports regarding the models produced or to the production that would theoretically have been feasible in those specific working conditions. All presented with an interactive, functional and immediate graphic interface. Moreover it gives the possibility of processing and comparing data of various work sessions, providing user-friendly reports and graphs for easy consultation. Information that will allow companies and specifically production planning and cost analysis managers, to develop strategic actions to correct bad working practices in order to obtain immediate savings.

STEMMA_PRO, also designed for the many companies whose injection machines are located in production units in different parts of the world, allows you to view production data in real time from any fixed or mobile device keeping the performance of the machines constantly monitored, even remotely.