SPV5 by Mec-Val the “smart” press for superior quality

The new model proposed at SIMAC 2021 improves further thanks to advanced electronics, which allows a totally digital control of the vacuum/pressure system, with very high speed and quality execution

SPV5, the new sole press of the SPV series developed and entirely made in Italy by Mec-Val, offers already from its previous version an excellent quality and precision as it is able to maintain a perfect vacuum/pressure cycle which is managed automatically. Now the pressing process has been fully digitised, and enhanced by implementing the communication standards of industry 4.0. It is controlled by a sensor system and a simple and intuitive touch screen panel. During the processing phase, the machine autonomously reaches and maintains the set pressure stable, with an offset range of only 3%, while maintaining a very high processing speed. SPV5 includes a dedicated vision system, which allows you to monitor what happens inside the chamber and check how the membrane adapts to the shoe. A useful device to check that the settings are correct at each model change, or to quickly and easily find the perfect set up, so as to avoid having to throw away pieces used only as tests.

Also included is the possibility of double pressing, while using a single membrane. The option allows you to manage the membrane/sole coupling in various programmable ways, so as to allow a first delicate contact between the edges and be sure not to damage the most delicate soles, avoiding curling phenomena and imperfections along the edges. After the first contact occurred between the membrane and the sole, the software allows to reach the final pressure in less than half a second, until the end of the programme.

The rapid change of the membrane, already present in the previous models, is now combined with the implementation of a 4 class photocell system, which starts the work cycle without the aid of buttons, as soon as the machine checks that there is a shape in the chamber and that the field is free. The combination ensures greater process speed. Furthermore, machine digitalisation allows to automatically manage programme pauses between different pressure cycles on the same piece, so as to be able to intervene with intermediate machining. A very high quality pressing system, combined with an extraordinary production speed, has now been completed with all those devices that make production safe and extremely efficient. All the advantages of the 4.0 system data exchange management are not to be overlooked, which is in constant evolution and specifically designed for this application.