SC Costruzioni Meccaniche launches the PLATEPRESS 600 CP

A new embossing press with pallet changer that can greatly increase productivity.

Embossing presses usually do not particularly shine in their productivity, but now SC Costruzioni Meccaniche srl has outfitted the PLATEPRESS 600 CP, equipped with a 2-pallet changeover system, which can greatly increase hourly output by overshadowing the downtime of loading/unloading hides. Alternatively, each of the two operators unloads and loads hides onto its own pallet table while the other pallet table is printing. The machine is equipped with an intrinsically safe control PLC that manages the entire work cycle and the plate change phase. The oversized hydraulic system and air/oil heat exchanger allow for three-shift operation (24 hours/day). In addition to market-standard equipment, the machine boasts a number of innovative solutions aimed at operator safety and comfort, such as optoelectronic barriers, physical barriers with automatic descent, and side anti-intrusion guards. Ease and speed of operation are its special features.

Key Features

  • High-strength steel supporting structure fully ultrasonically inspected. 
  • Work surface mm 1370(front) x 800. Set-ups with other sizes are possible on request.
  • Large-diameter steel pressure cylinder. 
  • Rapid low-pressure lifting by external cylinders with high lifting speed. 
  • Hydraulic pump with digitized and programmable pressure control to limit energy consumption and oil heating.
  • Air/oil heat exchanger for temperature control of the hydraulic system.
  • Pneumatic clamping of the printing plate to facilitate quick change of the plate. 
  • Heated top plate with temperature controlled on 3 independent zones.
  • Operator interface with 10″ color touch-screen. 
  • Provision for remote assistance on all machine functions.
  • Front hand and body protection device with optoelectronic barriers plus physical barrier with automatic descent.