SC Costruzioni Meccaniche: HAIRPRESS, filter compactor for hair recovery

Hairpress is a self-cleaning machine that is specifically designed for the separation of hair from liming baths, constructed entirely of stainless steel. The main function of the filter is to dehydrate and compact the retained material, thanks to a system consisting of a specially shaped rubber cone (patented) that results in a reduction in volume and thus in disposal costs.

The liming bath comes out of the drum and is conveyed into fiberglass showers flowing to the machine where it is filtered by a filter panel. 

A strong auger with brushes attached on the outside shaves the filter panel, transporting the bath residue to the outlet where the rubberized cone compresses it and discharges it with 40 to 50 percent residual moisture. The filtered bath will be recycled into the drum by a submersible pump inside the machine.

Non-destructive liming systems allow high reductions in tannery pollutant load for both COD (30-50%) and suspended solids (40-60%), saving sulfide. The Hairpress filter is characterized by high treatment capacity and simplicity of operation and installation, making them adaptable to all situations.