Persico launches the new ACS system

Full fleshing control with a simple touch

Costruzioni Meccaniche Persico, the Italian company located in Verona (VR) known all over the world for its machinery, presented together with its latest creation, the through-feed fleshing machine S23, also the innovative ACS system (Air Control System), a touch screen interface that allows you to control and adjust the operation of your machine in a simple and intuitive way. The new creation allows you to set the different fleshing parameters with a few simple touches. In fact, it will be possible to create new “recipes”, within which you can save your settings to be able to reuse them in the future. It is easily possible and just in a few steps, to obtain exactly the desired fleshing. A very important function which is exclusive to Persico fleshing machines, allows you to blend the fleshing in the part of the skin overlaid by the two upper and lower fleshing, to reach a uniform and high quality result. Persico, which has always sought perfection and the complete satisfaction of customer needs, has decided to propose a system as powerful as it is easy to use. In fact, at any time, all information relating to the machine can be checked, obtaining an overview of its operation.

The innovative touch screen system of the fleshing machine allows to control and adjust the work in a simple and intuitive way.

Among the many functions, the panel can also signal any warnings or alarms present on the machine, not only informing the operator about possible risks, but also providing him with all the information necessary to solve them. Moreover, the ACS system also allows Persico’s specialised technicians to offer immediate remote assistance, allowing them to directly connect to the panel and adjust the main parameters of the machine. Among the most interesting features, we also find its easy interconnection (4.0), both with the factory network, with fleshing pumps Dynamic or other models. In fact, by clicking on the specific section of the panel, it will be possible to have full access to the pump and its functions. Costruzioni Meccaniche Persico, with the presentation of this innovative system, wanted to further raise the production standards of its customers, providing a simple to use tool that allows you to flesh the hide according to your needs.